GreenZyme® since 1999 has been used to treat thousands of wells throughout the world and has a long and well established record of performance. GreenZyme® is currently in use by many of the largest global energy companies.

GreenZyme® does not cause any chemical reaction. Unlike chemical or polymer additives, when these additives encounter Paraffins, Asphaltenes, ground water and other clogging problems inside the formation, these chemicals can quickly weaken and diminish themselves in strength and effectiveness by their own complex chemical reactions.

GreenZyme®, being a catalyst however, does not diminish or weaken itself when encountered with the same problems. Since GreenZyme® is biological in nature, it performs only its biological duty to release-crude-oil, even in the presence of large quantities of ground water and other solid causing and clogging problems like Paraffins and Asphaltenes.

Since GreenZyme® is insoluble in crude oil and soluble only in water, the GreenZyme® proteins can be carried by formation water to deeper regions of the surrounding sand formation through pressure induced diffusivity and concentration gradient differential diffusivity, opening more new flow channels and creating new fingerings of flow within the formation for months and years to come.

The best conditions to apply GreenZyme® to your oilfield are as follow:

• An oil well suddenly showing a rapid deacreas in crude oil production.
• A new well that produces very little total fluid flow, from day one.
• A relatively young well encountering an increase in water production causing problems.

An ideal well for the application of GreenZyme® are as follows:

• Initial oil production when new 100 BOPD, the higher the better
• Current oil production 20 BOPD
• Water cut 80%
• Porosity 15% with sufficient formation pressure
• Piping integrity and pump are in good working condition

Of course, GreenZyme® works for other lesser ideal oil wells but note that GreenZyme® should not be used on dead oil wells, or very low and marginal producing oil wells, those producing less than 10 BOPD even if GreenZyme® application was successful, the net oil gained may be non-economical and non-attractive in profit returns.

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