Crude Oil adheres to the porous surface of sand and rock becoming trapped. GreenZyme® enhances hydrocarbon recovery by wetting the surface of the sand or rock on a molecular level. When injected into the well, GreenZyme® changes the formation surface near the well bore from oil wet to GreenZyme® -water wet. This is causing the release of hydrocarbons that are clogging and restricting the fluid flow to the well. Furthermore, the GreenZyme® form a permanent membrane on the surface which enables a long-term change in solids wetting behavior.

Since GreenZyme® is biological in nature, it performs only its biological duty to release crude oil through its catalytic interaction with hydrocarbons and changing the wetting conditions of the sand or rock surface.

GreenZyme® is insoluble in oil and soluble in water meaning that GreenZyme® can be carried by the formation water to deeper regions of the surrounding formations by diffusion, opening more new flow channels and creating new “fingerings of flow” within the formation.

The cohesive forces acting on the hydrocarbon molecules are dramatically increased causing the oil to ball up and release from the sand or rock surface where they enter the water column and can be easily recovered. Once the hydrocarbon has been released into the water, GreenZyme® moves on in search of more oil resulting in a continuous active cycle releasing oil.


Static Liquid Level (SLL)

The static liquid level must be measured prior to EOR treatment with GreenZyme®.The SLL must again be measured 10 days following treatment.
After capping time, the first sign indication that the GreenZyme® injection process was successful is a huge raise in SLL.

Initial Indications Following Treatment

Immediately following treatment, the well is capped for a short period to allow GreenZyme® to distribute throughout the formation.
The SLL of the well will rise. The rise confirms that the pressure has increased down hole caused by the release of oil.

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