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How It Works

Crude oil adheres to porous surface of sand and rock becoming trapped. GreenZyme® when injected into oil-bearing rock or sand formation of any oilfield can instantly release hydrocarbon oil from the surface of these sands or rocks in a catalytic fashion, changing the nature of these formations from either oil-wetted surface or water-wetted surface to non-stationary GreenZyme® protected water-wetted surface.
All the past successful stories of GreenZyme® indicate that it is capable of releasing more of the so-called non-recoverable crude oil from the oil-bearing formations than previously thought possible.

Simple Application

GreenZyme® EOR requires no special tools, equipment, or training. It is infinitely soluble in water and insoluble in oil. Therefore, to apply GreenZyme® simply dilute it with water to create 1%-10% solution.
The solution is then injected by pump through the well’s casing-tubing. Once dispersed, normal production operation can resume.

Eco Friendly

GreenZyme® is the most environmentally safe EOR method available. Nontoxic, nonpathogenic, and requires no special handling.
GreenZyme® has a near neutral PH (5-7). It is biodegradable and requires no cleanup or special disposal regulations.

Cost Effective

GreenZyme® enhances the production of existing wells consequently increasing return on investment and offers an adequate alternative to exploration and drilling to meet increased demand.
Because GreenZyme® is safe; it can be transported as a non-regulated cargo to be rapidly shipped anywhere in the world.

Terra Management Int AB.

Authorized distributor operating throughout North Africa and the Middle East

Since 1999, GreenZyme® has been continuously in use as a production stimulating catalyst mainly in America and Asia.
GreenZyme® is the world’s first bio-enzyme catalyst used in EOR and has treated thousands of wells.
Invented in the early 1990’s by Dr. Philip Lau, PE. Ph.D, of Apollo Separation Technologies Inc.
GreenZyme® is a Registered trademark of Apollo Separation Technologies USA Inc.

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